Hi, I'm Susan Clapp!


I'm a teacher from Kentucky. We've all heard that old saying, "If you want to get a new result you can't do the same old thing."

As a preschool teacher and mother, I believe changes need to start at home. I recognized a need: children need to be praying at an early age. Therefore, I designed these flash-style Prayer Cards for Kids.

I used these cards as a point of contact in my classroom for two years. This is when I began to see powerhouses of prayer being birthed in little bodies...WOW! The children came to life as we gathered to pray. I truly believe you will love the colorful graphics and the sweet prayers that you and your loved ones can share together.

Prayer Cards for Kids also make excellent gifts for birthdays, baby showers, children's bible studies, baby dedications and more. You will be amazed with the results once you begin to invest the power of prayer into the life of your most precious gift - your children.

I'd love to come speak with your church, your ladies group, your prayer group, your bible study group, your Sunday School group, or preschool. Please feel free to share this information with your pastor, children's pastor, preschool teachers and your friends and families.